Meet the Team


Ryan Sawyer

Founder & Executive Director

Ryan is a passionate, highly driven and detail-oriented person who is always looking for the next problem to solve.  He studied Computer Science at Endicott College in his undergraduate years until 2010 and now works full-time in IT.  He has always had a passion for economic and social justice, charitable work and civics since he was 13 years old.  Ryan founded Elemental Action in 2015 to build a foundation from which focused charitable initiatives could be launched.  He wants to help solve some of the biggest issues of our time by targeting the root cause of issues.  The organization's name, Elemental Action, was chosen from that fundamental aspiration.



Sarah Sawyer

Director of Community Wellness

Sarah is a compassionate, selfless and uplifting person who truly cares about providing the best possible care for her patients, their families, and friends.  Sarah also attended Endicott College with Ryan where they first met their freshman year.  Sarah received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and then went onto achieve a Masters of Science in Nursing Education.  She is currently a licensed Registered Nurse in the state of Massachusetts who pursues work with immense energy and grace, with a profound interest in public health.