The Future Depends Upon What We Do Today

We’re so excited to announce the launch of Elemental Action today! Elemental Action was founded in late 2014 to become the bedrock for creative charitable initiatives for many years to come. The organization’s core mission is to build focused, sustainable, grassroots solutions that nourish society.

focus.jpgFocus is pivotal because any vague and generic charitable initiative will flounder despite the best intent and positive energy of people involved. Focus by no means guarantees success but it instead provides a definitive and achievable vision for people to be part of and work towards. For these reasons, the ability for an organization to focus is a major contributing success factor to any endeavor.

sustainability.pngSustainability is key because many people like to commit to initiatives which they believe can endure indefinitely. While certainly nothing lasts forever, there is value in knowing that your own personal investment of time and energy has a high probability of having a lasting, positive impact for generations to come.


grassroots.jpgGrassroots movements are the most powerful because they have the ability to positively impact people at a local level. Grassroots organizing is generally for the people and by the people and it's where true passion is expressed. 


These three core principles behind Elemental Action together form a foundation from which novel and exciting initiatives can be developed and launched in a way that guarantees a positive social-impact. The ultimate goal for all of Elemental Action’s charitable initiatives are to nourish society in a way greater than any single individual could achieve. There is true power in people working together.

Let’s get started!

Ryan Sawyer
Founder & Executive Director